Angel Blanket Ministries
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I can't thank you enough for the blanket. I have been using it every night while in treatment. It means so much to me that you made it. When I am in bed and feeling lonely here I can think that God's arms are around me.


My name is Susan Gunter and lately my stepson - 7yr old sammy has been pretty sick.  Last week we had him in the hospital for a check up (we have to do a sedated echo due to heart issues when he was a baby) and they found a AV heart blockage and now he is scheduled for a pacemaker to be put in on the 3rd of April.  Everything was fine until last Friday when he came down with some sort of a virus and his epelipsy seizures went out of control.  We spent the last 4 days in Childrens and he came home last night with some meds.   
My friend Wendy Hansen contacted you and you all sent me a blanket and I just wanted to say thank you for the blues clues blanket.  He absolutely loves it (see attached picture).  You are all doing Gods work and it is so wonderful. 
God bless you all and in everything you do.  It has been a rough caouplke weeks and more to come. 
With love

Angel Blanket Angels!
 Thank you so much for my quilt. I Love it.  I took my nap under the blanket today and not only did it warm my body, it warmed my heart!
 Thank you so much,

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